Lecturers and guests

Here you can find a list of all lecturers and guests of Game Pilot Czech.

Olga Bako

Awem Games

Product director for casual and mobile games

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Daria Bugaeva

Digital Product Director

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Sergey Golubkin


Owner and Director of the publishing house

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Tomas Hradecky

CoolWorks Studio; Geewa; NetGenium 
C# programmer, developer in Unity engine

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Artem Ivanov

Game analyst 

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Pavel Korbut

Awem Games
Gamedesigner for casual and mobile games 

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Vojtech Pinc

CoolWorks Studio; Orange Factory
2D artist, illustrator, animator, gamedesigner

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Jiri Scupal

CoolWorks Studio; Geewa
2D a 3D artist, animator, gamedesigner, developer in Unity engine

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Vyacheslav Utochkin

Director of the game industry educational programs 

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Ivan Vagner

Analyst, lecturer, university and tertiary professional school teacher and journalist

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Sergey Zykov

Deemedya; HSBI HSE NRU
Marketing and PR specialist 

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