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Schedule is in progress Russian SVOŠUR Orange Factory, s.r.o. Want to join the course

The game analyst is one of the key people in a gaming project team. This is the person who can significantly influence the success of a game. This is also why the demand for game analytics is steadily increasing, in line with the entire gaming industry.

This is a profession for which virtually no specialist literature exists, and unfortunately is not yet taught at universities. It stands on the meeting point of a large number of disciplines: logic, mathematics, statistics and probability theory, programming, game design, rhetoric and management - and therefore requires constant self-teaching and self-development. However, the reward for this effort is the opportunity to see the game from a perspective that no other person has. Game analytics is the art of making gamers happy and the game a hit.

Course objective: Understand the fundamentals of game analytics and set the right direction for further deepening of our knowledge in this area. Learn how to set up the analytical processes for a gaming project from scratch.

Course program:

  • Who is a game analyst and what role does he/she have in a project?
  • The three pillars of gaming analytics:
    • Data planning and collection.
    • Data processing and analysis.
    • Presentation and visualisation of analysis results.
  • Creating and organizing analytical processes for the gaming product:
    • Game performance indicators
    • Automation of analytical processes.
    • Collaboration of game analytics with the production team.
  • Master Bonus: tools and methods for professionals.

Entry requirements:

  • Compulsory: a passionate love for games.
  • Desirable: a basic idea of the game development and management process, Microsoft Excel, rich gaming experience.
  • Useful to know: knowledge of statistics, knowledge of the basics of programming, knowledge of relational DB.

Who is the course intended for? For anyone who wants to combine their career with game analytics or related areas in game development, and also for those who want to get to know their game project in detail and then lift it to new heights.

Length and format: 14-hour, 2-day intensive course - Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00 (including lunch break). The course is in Russian, with interpreting in Czech.

Registration fee: 800 CZK. Students: 400 CZK

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Lectors & Guests:

Artem Ivanov

Game analyst 

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